Right Choice Janitorial Supply, LLC
6464 N Teutonia Avenue 
PO Box 090553 
Milwaukee, WI  53209   

Right Choice Janitorial Supply, LLC ® 6464 N Teutonia Avenue PO Box 090553, Milwaukee, WI 53209

  • 35 years of knowledge, experience, and excellent customer service
  • Helping customers experience an "A" cleaning performance vs. an "F" 
Training..... Knowledge..... Power..... Profits
97% of cleaning costs is LABOR. Attend our training classes and increase your profitability.
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Need Training?
Private training classes are always available specific to your needs. Only $395 for 4 hours and bring up to 15 attendees. Call us today to schedule your session, and let us help equip your team with the skills they need to succeed!
Already an expert?
Rent our training facility to train your crew! ​ONLY $250 for 4 Hours!

Featured Products
Check out our local paper line made right here in Milwaukee! Manufactured by Sellars, and priced competitively!
How can we help you?
Invite us out to your facility for a free assessment of your maintenance program and dispensing systems. We can help you formulate a cost effective plan, that is labor efficient, and specific to you and your facility's needs. Call 414-716-2000 today and schedule an appointment for savings!  
Used janitorial equipment. Includes janitor carts, Brute containers w/dollies, maid caddies and mop buckets!
We are open to the public!
Store Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm